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The following is a description of our July 2023 Happy Hips Workshop as an example of what we offer:

This fully practical workshop focuses on gently opening and releasing the hip joints to restore flexibility as well as physical and emotional well being. Due to the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response, the pelvis and hips can be a site for storing tension and stress, which can become problematic over time. The 3.5 hours works shop includes:
Fascial Hip and Pelvis Release Session- using the spiky balls and foam roller, gentle mobilisation and breath work
50 minute Pilates Mat Class – suitable for all
Light buffet lunch
Gentle Stretch and Release Session – using bands and assisted release techniques
Deep Relaxation and Reset – to calm and restore
Take away notes for home practice.
Your teachers will be Jill, Claire, Sue, Lauren

Wiltshire Pilates Workshop