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Class Levels Explained:

Level 1

This includes:
An Introduction to Pilates (this is an occasional course) and Beginner/Early Improver Pilates. At this level, we concentrate on the 8 principles of the Pilates technique. Particular focus is given to the fundamentals of alignment, breathing and core stability. You will learn a repertoire of ‘building block’ exercises that will enable you to progress at your own pace. This level is particularly suited to the complete novice, early improver, for rehabilitation after injury or as a refresher.

Level 2

This includes Early Improvers through to Intermediate, so some previous practice of Pilates is desirable.  Due to different rates of individual progression, your teacher will give modifications and progressions according to ability.

Level 3

This is aimed at the individual who has been practising pilates at a good level for at least 6 months.  We will work across the Intermediate/Plus repertoire and more challenging exercises will be introduced with flow and pace.  Within any class there will be different levels of ability so your teacher will always offer modifications when necessary.

Pilates for Back and Bone Health

This is a combined specialist class suitable for anyone suffering from back pain, osteopenia, osteoporosis or at high risk of low bone density due to sedentary work/lifestyle, family history, certain medications, eating disorders etc. This exercise programme is designed to improve muscle strength, posture, stamina, flexibility, co-ordination, balance and body awareness. It’s also important to know that many ‘mainstream’ abdominal exercises are contraindicated so our programme includes safe and effective tummy work to flatten abs and strengthen the core, whilst protecting your spine. Check with your GP first to ascertain your suitability.

Pilates in Pregnancy Course

This is a specialist class designed to support women through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. The mat Pilates repertoire is taught with respect to the changing physical demands of the pre and postnatal woman. The classes focus on building and maintaining balance, strength and coordination. It works on keeping the muscles throughout the upper and lower body strong, toned and connected to the core. Particular attention is given to working the abdominals and pelvic area within the various challenges of pregnancy and also focuses on the mental and emotional side of childbirth and recovery, through breathing and relaxation. Pilates in Pregnancy hugely contributes to a healthy pregnancy and successful recovery.

Important Note:

We are continuously revising our Class Level ratings. This may change from course to course and the intensity will always be student-led. If you would like advice or to discuss in more depth, please contact us.

How do I know if a class is for me?

If you are in any doubt as to your suitability to join a class, please contact us.  This is especially important if you have a back or joint problem and have been advised to do Pilates by a medical practitioner. We offer One to One private assessments where we are able to prescribe a tailored programme to target specific needs. We also cover the basic principles of Pilates giving you a solid introduction to the technique, before joining a class.