Pilates Flow

Joseph Pilates based his teachings on the six principles of movement: Breathing ~ Centring ~ Concentration ~ Control ~ Flow ~ Precision

In his 1945 book Return to Life through Contrology, Pilates wrote that ‘exercise can and should be done in a flowing manner, with the goals of fluidity, elegance and grace’.

From our own regular Pilates and Yoga practice, we have recognised the importance of learning to integrate and align the body to facilitate the smooth flow of energy through the body. It does take regular practice, but when we learn to switch off unwanted tension, we can allow our body to connect as a whole, rather than separate parts to impart a wonderful ease of movement and well-being.

What is a Pilates Flow class?
Pilates Flow is a 60-minute complete body workout comprising: 10-minute warm-up to prepare the body, 20-minute continuous steady-paced movement sequence to raise the pulse, 20-minute classic/contemporary mat including the use of small hand weights (optional) to tone the body and finishing with a 10-minute stretch and relaxation.

Pilates Flow should leave you feeling energised, toned and relaxed!

Join our Pilates Flow class with Lauren at 6pm on Monday evenings at Gastard Village Hall.