Hilary Crosby

Hilary first became interested in Pilates approximately 14 years ago after attending a training session presented by two Physiotherapy colleagues who were finding the technique very beneficial within their practice. Inspired by their enthusiasm Hilary began attending Pilates classes herself, initially with Wiltshire Pilates teacher, Jill Rowland and latterly former colleague, Amanda Harrington. Hilary has worked for the past 15 years as a Physiotherapy Assistant based at Chippenham Hospital and as her skill level and understanding of Pilates grew, found that she was incorporating more and more of her pilates knowledge and it’s key principles into her work assisting patients with their rehabilitation. She witnessed first hand the improvement in her patients recovery and muscle strength, when pilates was practiced regularly. Four years ago she took the decision to train as a Pilates teacher with Future Fit Training, principally for self progression to increase her understanding of the application of pilates in a remedial environment, as well as to improve personal health and fitness. She continues to apply that knowledge daily in her professional capacity, specialising in knee and shoulder rehabilitation. Such is Hilary’s specialist knowledge and enthusiasm for Pilates, she joined the Wiltshire Pilates team in July 2014. She is a very caring and professional teacher.

Qualifications and Training:

2010 – Pilates Mat-work Certification – Future Fit Training